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Small Business

Over the years, VMC Art & Design has worked with a variety of businesses in developing a  brand that best represents their company. Through a one-on-one relationship, we are able to develop a look and style that can be carried out to print marketing strategies as well as online and social media marketing campaigns. VMC Art & Design knows that each project is unique and will work with you to create customized graphic design solutions that will let your company stand out from the rest.

Take a look at our list of services that we offer our business clients and don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk with you about your company’s individual needs and goals.

➤  Branding
➤  Print Marketing
➤  Social Media Marketing
➤  Website Design & Production

➤  Illustration & Photography


“For over 15 years I have worked with website designers that cost me many thousands of dollars. None of them were able to put together the website concept that I wanted. I met Victoria through LinkedIn earlier this year. She came on board, and not only did she understand my needs for my website, she creatively straightened up the design I had, added new things, suggested ideas, helped me to chose photographs, researched ideas to find something better, helped to write my bio, found urls for many links I wanted. I am so very happy with what she has provided for me.” —Carolyn L. Bates, Photographer, Burlington VT

“There are a lot of options these days for authors looking for design services for their next book. The difference between one option and another is invariably the level of service and the skill and passion of the person working on the finished product. I’ve had a chance to work with plenty of designers over the years and Victoria Colotta is the very best. The project we worked on was both unconventional and unprecedented- but Victoria took the time to make it work. What’s more, she managed to complete it on time and on budget. I strongly recommend her.” —Carol Horner, Co-Creator & Principal at

“Working with Victoria has been an incredibly rewarding experience. She has a great understanding of branding and design, a very artistic eye and her work truly connects with the audience. I have worked with Victoria on marketing flyers, posters and website design and continue to be impressed with her insight, expertise and willingness to make any changes asked for. Victoria is able to take ideas and direction and build upon it, making the message very visually impactful and memorable. She is a true professional and a huge asset to anyone who hires her.” —Lynn Gregorski, President & Creative Director at Rapunzel Creative

“Victoria has been a great asset to my business. She is the rare graphic artist who is highly creative but who also understands the technical side of the business. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for smart design at a reasonable cost and a designer who can deliver the work on time, on budget.” —Kristin Lindstrom, Publishing Consultant at Flying Pig Media

“Victoria has been great to work with and an asset to my publishing business. She delivers with great quality and provides experienced consultative direction. She is able to work across multiple disciplines including graphic design, website design, publishing, digital file development and much more. Victoria is quite simply, very talented and wonderful to work with. I recommend her services without question!” —Michael Fabiano, KCM Publishing

“VMC Arts & Design was an absolute pleasure to work with – the expertise, professionalism, and reliable service makes all the difference in the production of quality projects – I highly recommend.” —Peter Costanzo, Creative Director formerly of NBC Publishing

“...Not only does Victoria have a flare for graphic design, and clearly understand publishing, she runs my website from the back-end. As an author, speaker, writer, certified Pilates instructor, and clinical professor, I do not have the time to tend to my website. I totally trust and rely on her for this very important part of my business. Victoria has been instrumental in more ways than one to me and has my highest recommendation!” —Juli Kagan, The Mindful Body Expert