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Book Cover DesignBook Cover Design

Like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover. We understand that a first impression can be lasting, so it is important to us that we start each project by talking with you about your book and finding out if you have any ideas about what you want. Then we move onto the research stage where we will read the manuscript and look into industry trends within your genre. Finally, the fun begins. We provide you with a few options to start and use that as a jumping off point to get to a final product you can be proud of. You can take a look at our portfolio by clicking here.

Book Layout Design

Interior Book DesignThe interior of book is just like the interior of your home. You want to make sure that all the elements work together. It is the same for a book. The interior layout should reflect the style of the cover while allowing the book to readable and easiy to follow. We pay special attention to chapter openers, section breaks, ornaments, and all the little elements that will make you book look as polished as possible. If you have a book with tables, graphics, photography, sidebars, and pull quotes, then our attention to detail will bring the layout to a whole new level. VMC Art & Design takes satisfaction in making the interior of your book a perfect extension of your cover and your story. See what we have done for some of our clients by clicking here.

Typesetting & Print Production

Typesetting and Print ProductionOnce the design, styles, and overall look of the book have been decided, it is time to make your manuscript into a book. This is the stage when VMC Art & Design layouts out the text. We pay careful attention spacing, kerning, hyphens, and flow of the interior as well as following the guidelines set by your printer.

In addition, we can help our clients choose the best printing options for their needs and budgets. If you are doing POD (print-on-demand) or digital printing or offset printing, we can walk you through the process from getting the estimate to receiving your books.

eBook Design Conversion & ProductioneBook Design and Production

It is important to us that your book look just as good in eBook format as it is in print. This is why we not only test your book on all various devices and platforms, but we take the time needed to carry the look and styles into the digital format. We make sure that all visual elements are carried through to this format so that your readers don’t loose out on any of the experience while reading your book. Just because it is digital, doesn’t mean it can’t be well designed and look amazing. See what we have done for some of our clients by clicking here.